Hob Nob run the blitz

Blitz is my best friend, my shadow, the love of my life and the most wonderful teammate, on and off the agility course that anyone could ask for. His constant silly antics and zest for life have brought laughter and joy to my family and our household for the wonderful three years he has blessed us with his presence. We all agree that we have no idea what we did for fun before he came into our lives, and shudder to think what life would be like without him!

When my mom and I first e-mailed Jan about getting on the puppy list, I was beyond excited at the thought of bringing my very own Border Collie puppy from Hob Nob farm home. It felt like some sort of a fairytale, and it was a dream that I had been chasing for almost six years at the time.

And it is safe to say that Blitz is everything my family and I hoped for, and more. He is the sweetest dog, and so loving to everyone in the family. He is the first one who greets my family and I hello in the morning with a chorus of his signature “roos” and the last one cuddling on the couch with me, my parents or my siblings, until we go to bed. He stays up late with me into all hours of the night while I study, motivating me to finish that last page of Biology or Chemistry while keeping my feet warm. His love has touched my family, and all of our friends. At agility trials or anywhere he goes, he never ceases to light up peoples’ faces as he goes around greeting even strangers with an insane amount of enthusiasm, wriggling from head to toe and “rooing” to people until they come and pet him, doing anything to get the nearest person to him to cuddle or play with him or smile. It is one of the things I love about Blitz the most.

Jan reassured me that she would help my search come to an end, one way or another. When I sent her the list of qualities that I wanted in my future dog, I had no idea that the puppy she would match me with would be everything I had ever wanted in a dog, and so, so much more.

When I first started agility, I was ten. My first ever agility dog was a very stubborn Beagle named Redd who I loved very much, but whose heart just wasn’t in agility the way mine was. I was so proud of everything that we accomplished, but I yearned for a dog who wanted to play agility and who lived for every second in the ring playing the game just as much as I did. I saw my first Border Collie in action the first lesson I ever took in agility. There was nothing like it, and from that moment forward, I had my heart set on bringing my very own Border Collie puppy home; there was no other breed for me. When my parents finally agreed, we sat down and wrote out everything we hoped for in an agility dog for me, as well as in a family dog. With choosing a puppy, my family’s top concern was having a dog that would be loving and sweet towards all the members of my family, not just me. My mom also had specific criteria that had to be met, and did not want a

dog without an “off-switch” since she would be home throughout the day and would not always be able to devote attention or time to playing with him or her.

Since the puppy we brought home was to be the first Border Collie our family had raised on our own, we did not quite know what to expect, but we had high hopes for any puppy Jan sent to us...

As Blitz grew and matured, he quickly

mastered every single training challenge that I put in front of him, and by seven months old, he was doing sequences in the back yard through jump standards that Redd was still having trouble with. After we made our debut, we quickly shot up into Excellent B in AKC getting qualified for nationals a couple short months after and earning our MACH after just over a year of competing. The athleticism that Blitz possesses is something to behold, and the ease and efficiency with which he moves around the course makes it look effortless. I often come off a course with chills. There is nothing quite like the feeling of running with this boy… it’s like electricity.

On the agility course, well, it is safe to say I got everything that I ever dreamed of and so much more. I simply wanted a dog I didn’t have to motivate or cheerlead around a course, one I could take to nationals maybe once or twice, and one I could put a MACH on and show with for years to come. What I got was something so much more than that. Blitz has surpassed every single goal I had for us as a team, all within the span of two years of competing, and has made agility into something with much deeper meaning than it ever had to me in the past. Within the first two weeks of Blitz coming home to me, Blitz already knew all of his basic obedience and how to blast through tunnels in the back yard… mostly from watching the other dogs. I would take him to the agility field as a puppy and he would scream until he got his turn, and the speed that he had, even at eight weeks, rivaled both of the older dogs my family has.

I ask myself every single day how I ever got so lucky to end up with him in my life, because I certainly don’t feel like I was ever deserving of something so wonderful—but then I look at Blitz, and I know that it could never have been any other dog but him.

Thank you, Jan, for my special blue boy. I have no idea what I would do without him!!!                  Lauren Adam, TN

Blitz dam is Denim and sire is Bru   click here to see video of Blitz

I am so in love with everything about this dog. Blitz is my heart and soul, and the most perfect dog in the world to me.

Where to start on this absolutely phenomenal boy?