Cachet delivered 8 beautiful puppies on January 22, 2010. 

These puppies are sired by Fusion these puppies are all sold

BREEZE black/white male born 1:14 am wt 14 oz          BUGLE blue merle male born 1:34 am wt 16.5 oz

TRILL tri blue merle female born 2:44 am wt 15.5 oz   CYMBAL black/white male born 3:04 am wt 16.5 oz

CHELLO red tri female born 3:09 am wt 13 oz            PRONTO red tri merle male born 3:22 am wt 13.5 oz

KAZOO blue merle male born 3:52 am wt 14.5 oz            GIG  tri blue merle male born 4:19 am wt 14 oz

From deep in the night, without fuss or fright,

Eight little notes began their great flight.

Beginning with ease, BREEZE set the tone,

The black & white boy was just barely alone

Before joined by his bro', blue BUGLE rang through,

Bringing cascades of color as musical hue.

Then sweet like the wind, a TRILL entered next

First girl of the litter, sound started to crest.

And hot on her heals, to bracket the half,

A black and white boy, set the CYMBAL to crash.

The sound did crescendo with dark red and white

As CHELLO came forth bringing texture and light

And layered on PRONTO, her red bro did add

The end to the stanza, but don't you be sad

Two blue boys just paused, then added great notes

To a song just beginning, a song of great hopes.

KAZOO and his buddy would not miss this GIG

So smile and bring welcome to all the new kids!

Cachet puppy theme created by Cricket’s mom Toni Cramer!

Puppies have their 1st meal on 2/12/10

All these puppies are now in their new homes in WA, CA, KY, GA, FL & MN