Cachet presented Hob Nob farm with 5 gorgeous puppies on December 3, 2010

These puppies were sired by Steeple for a repeat breeding.

Click here and here to see videos of the puppies being born

The nights grow longer through the year  ~  Fog is thick, but freezing clear.

Bells ring out; stars light the way  ~  Steeplets come – it’s HOLIDAY!

‘Jingles’ 1st born female at 8:47 pm BW 15 oz black/white          ‘Topper’ 2nd born male at 10:04 pm BW 15.5 oz black/white

‘Drummer’ 3rd born male at 10:18 pm BW 16 oz black/white    ‘Frosty’ 4th born male at 11:05 pm BW 16 oz black/white

‘Tinsel’ 5th born female at 11:20 pm BW 11 oz black/white

click to view more pictures in their photo album

Click on above video to get a birds eye view of the births using my helmet cam!

click on picture above to view live puppy cam!