Posh presented Hob Nob farm with 7 gorgeous puppies on July 21, 2011 by elected C section.  There are 3 handsome black/white males, 2 dashing black tri males, 1 stunning black/white female and 1 gorgeous black/tri female sired by Bezel.  

The theme for this litter is The Magnificent Seven using the actors names for the boys and since there were no stand out female actresses in the movie, I am substituting Annie Oakley for the girls.

‘Annie’ black/white female BW 14.5 oz            ‘Oakley’ black/white/tan female BW 16 oz

‘Brynner’ black/white male BW 13.5 oz            ‘Wallach’ black/white/tan male BW 15.5 oz

‘McQueen’ black/white male BW 16 oz                   ‘Bronson’ black/white/tan BW 14.5 oz

‘Coburn’ black/white male BW 13.5 oz

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