Hob Nob prada-g

Prada learned how to weave with the 2X2 method

Prada-G...and a prodigy he is!

Gosh, what can I say about a dog who is everything I had been striving to breed?   A personality so captivating that everyone is drawn to his inner and outer beauty? 

Prada truly sets himself apart in such a way that not only melts my heart but brings me pure joy and laughter everyday!

Prada was born with talent that just oozes from his very being!  He is breathtaking when he works sheep which has me totally mesmerized!

Prada is from the 1st litter of Posh & Bezel.  I had always wanted to produce my gorgeous red/white Bezel in a black and white clone but with the sassiness of his mother Posh .  I got my wish in spades!

...a young one, endowed with exceptional qualities or abilities impressive or outstanding example of a particular quality

Prada-G truly lives up to his name!

Sire:  Bezel

red & white

Dam:  Posh

black & white


Outstanding structure at just 19 weeks of age

freestanding picture taken on 9/14/08

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