Sequel presented Hob Nob farm 6 gorgeous puppies on December 7, 2010

These puppies were sired by Juice using his frozen semen collected 14 years ago!

‘Juice-icle’ black/white male BW 15.5 oz                    Ice-icle’ black/white/tan male BW 14 oz

Featuring the Stars On Ice-icles’

‘Whims-icle’ black/white female BW 8 oz           ‘Dreams-icle’ black/white/tan female BW 12 oz

‘Creams-icle’ gold/white female BW 14.5 oz            ‘Pops-icle’ gold/white male BW 10.5 oz

the boys...Juice-icle, Pops-icle & Ice-icle           the girls...Whims-icle, Creams-icle & Dreams-icle  

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