Sequel delivered 5 beautiful puppies on February 17, 2010. 

These puppies are sired by Topic  these puppies are all sold

Revel black/white female born 3:41 am wt 8 oz                    Mardi black/white female born 3:49 am wt 7. oz

Endymion black/white male born 4:15 am wt 7 oz           Rhea black/white female born 4:41 am wt 11.5 oz

            Rex black/white male born 6:35 am wt 13.5 oz

In the wee morning hours, several days late,

the Krewe made their way with Barkus leading the charge.

Morpheus was there only briefly, heralding joy and sadness.

But along came Revel, to start the party rolling

Her lovely sister Mardi was close behind

A handsome boy, too beautiful to behold;

Endymion next entered the fold

Rhea soon joined, to add her voice to the fun

And the last to arrive was the King of the parade;

Rex to you and me

Names and poem submitted by soon to be Hob Now owner Jennifer Phoenix

Puppies enjoying their first meal on 3/19/10