Shale presented Hob Nob farm with 6 gorgeous puppies on July 8, 2011

These puppies are sired by Bru and is Shale’s first litter.

Shale’s temperature dropped to 98.1 at 6am Thursday morning.  She did not want to eat her breakfast so I knew that puppies would arrive into the late night

She had such an easy delivery with the first puppy being born at 2:17 am & the 6th puppy born at 6:10 am.  Shale was frantic at first but soon settled into motherhood!

Their litter names reflect things associated with the Tour de France which we were viewing on the tv as the puppies ‘cycle of life‘ began!  ALLEZ! 

#1 male ‘Sprint’ born 2:17 am BW 8.5 oz                                       #2 female ‘Musette’ born 2:24 am BW 6.5 oz

#3 female ‘Paris’ born 3:07 am BW 8.5 oz  white factored      #4 male ‘Spin’ born 3:46 am BW 9 oz dark factored

#5 male ‘Tejay’ born 5:35 am BW 10.5 oz  white factored          #6 male ‘Levi’ born 6:10 am BW 5.5 oz red white

click here to view puppy photo album

Click here to watch the puppies progress on live stream!

for whatever reason, Shale kept wanting to curl up in the puppy bag!  She did this several times and we were finally able to capture it on video!