Singe delivered 8 beautiful puppies on February 4, 2010

These puppies are sired by Scheme  these puppies are all sold

Flare black/white/tan female born 7:10 am wt 8.5 oz     Snip black/white female born 7:25 am wt 9 oz1st  1st girl FLARE because she broke the dawn with tri color      2nd girl SNIP because Jan named her at birth:>)

Sass black/white/tan female born 7:33 am wt 10 oz         Split  black/white male born 7:43 am 10 oz

Trio black/white/tan female born 8:07 am wt 9.5 oz   Rumble black/white male born 8:25 am wt 10.5 oz

Gem black/white female born 9:21 am wt 10.5 oz         Prime black/white female born 9:41 am wt 9.5 oz

Kindle the Flame and hang on for the ride!

Tighten up those seat belts and welcome Singe’s Pride

3rd girl, (2nd Tri) SASS because she’s a screamer!

4th pup, 1st male, SPLIT for his collar

5th pup TRIO for completing the tri set

6th pup RUMBLE which there would have been if no more males

7th pup, GEM for her perfect blaze

8th pup, PRIME for that gorgeous hour glass blaze

Pictures taken on March 13, 2010

All these puppies are now in their new homes in CA, IN, TX, NC and Canada