Singe presented Hob Nob farm with 8 gorgeous puppies on June 20, 2011

These puppies are sired by Steeple for a repeat breeding

Singe’s temperature dropped to 97.8 at 6am Monday morning.  She did not want to eat her breakfast so I knew that  puppies would arrive soon late in the day/early evening.

She had such an easy delivery with the first puppy being born at 4:26 pm & the 8th puppy born at 7:21 pm.  Puppies #4 & 5 were barely one minute apart!

Their litter names reflect things relevant to border collies and what they do!

#1 Female ‘Ewe’  born 4:26 pm BW 8 oz  possible tri                       #2 Female ‘Sheep’ born 4:43 pm BW 7 oz

#3 Male ‘Ram’  born 5:16 pm BW 9.5 oz                                            #4 Male ‘Stock’ born 5:38 pm BW 9 oz

#5 Female ‘Whistle’ born 5:39 pm BW 7 oz                                            #6 Male ‘Crook’ born 6:06 pm BW 6.5 oz

#7 Female ‘Crouch’ born 6:43 pm BW 8 oz                                        #8 Male ‘Flank’ born 7:21 pm BW 9.5 oz

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Click on here to watch the puppies progress on live stream!