Surge delivered 4 beautiful puppies on March 11, 2010

These puppies are sired by Scheme

These puppies are all sold

More wonderful Surge & Scheme babies!

Toon black/white male born 6:43 pm wt 12.5 oz     Mariah black/white/tan female born 9:26 pm wt 13  oz

Energy Surges through the air                                      Marie rises a tri-colored head

Typhoon (TOON) winds blow free and clear                  While storm is breaking holding stead

Taku black/white male born 9:38 pm wt 13 oz     Zeph black/white male born 10:16 pm wt 12.5 oz

TAKU is gusty, blowing hard                                                   Zephyrs lights with slight touch

A wind so awesome, hear the bard                                          The last arrival you can trust

Surge puppy theme created by Cricket’s mom Toni Cramer!