Hob Nob game plan for the endzone

When I saw my first photo of Posh as a puppy, I remember thinking she was absolutely “stunning”. Her looks reminded me of Static as a puppy. Static is Reason’s mother and Score’s and Posh’s grandmother. But Posh also had a wonderful temperament and tons of drive. Little did I know at the time that I would have a Posh daughter in the future.


When the announcement was made that Posh was going to be bred to Bezel, I kept thinking about that breeding and then just trusted my instincts and asked to be put on the puppy list. Bezel was conceived here in Minnesota when Jan stayed with me to breed her amazing Chisel. Jan had already picked out two perfect partners (Reason & Score) for me previously, so I knew that she would find me another wonderful companion as well as performance partner. I wanted a dog that could do it all – herding, obedience, and agility.


I enjoyed watching the two litters of puppies growing up as the videos were regularly uploaded (the Surge x Scheme litter was born one week before the Posh x Bezel litter). After going through this process twice previously, it was easy for me to relax and just enjoy watching the puppies and their antics as they grew and thrived. When I got the announcement that “Tri Girl Skinny Blaze” aka “Gucci” was mine, it was love at first sight. This was my first female Border Collie - after having 5 male Border Collies. We have had female Labs and Aussies in our house, but they were my husband, Tom’s dogs.


When Schema came into my life, she changed it completely in more ways than anyone will ever know. She is everything and MORE than I ever expected as she excels in everything that we do. She is my most talented dog on stock, she is as flashy as Reason in obedience (Reason is the epitome of a perfect obedience performance in my book), and she is absolutely amazing in agility. She has set the bar very high for me in terms of being the perfect performance partner and companion.

She is one of the most naturally gifted dogs with amazing ground speed, athleticism, and dripping with drive. But yet, she is sweet and biddable and wants to do it right. I am so blessed to have her in my life as she makes me smile every day and she is one of the easiest dogs to live with – when nothing is going on, she relaxes. But when I am ready to go, she is MORE than ready.

I am so thankful to Jan for allowing Schema to be in my life. And thank you Schema for teaching me so many things. We have only started on our journey together.  Nancy Gagliardi Little, MN

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Schema is spayed