Hob Nob triple play

Herding, Obedience, Agility and Conformation

Slider is the first Quadruple Champion in the history of  Border Collies!!!

When Jan asked me if I wanted to be the little tri-boy's mom, I had no idea what a fantastic journey that pup would take me on.  He is my sweetest momma's boy who wants to do everything, and the faster the better!  He never runs out of energy and willingness to work and he tries so hard to make sure he gets his job done right.  He is the ultimate teammate and I can't imagine my life without him.  As a trainer, he is the first dog I have earned any kind of championship with.  And although I am proud to say that Slider was owner trained and handled to all four of his championships, I must admit that Slider made it easy for me by being an exceptional dog.  It seems weird to be writing this as it sounds like the ending of a long story but my little baby boy will just turn 4 years old in September of 2007!  After finishing his breed championship when he was 17 months old, Slider has been busy and I've been trying to keep up with him! This year (2007) was the culmination of his other three championships as he earned his HC on 26 May, his OTCH on 21 July and his MACH on 18 August.  It still seems unreal that we did it!  And although the four championships came relatively quickly for Slider, it truly is the result of the years of dedication Jan DeMello, Slider's breeder, has put into her tremendous breeding program that consistently produces dogs that are capable of what Slider has accomplished.  Slider and I will continue to compete in agility and herding plus we are going to start tracking to see if we can get that elusive fifth championship.  Slider is a dream come true and this is just the beginning of that fantastic journey with my Amazing Sliderman!  Thank you Jan!!! 

Slider’s dam is Chisel                                                   Slider’s sire is Fable