Hob Nob chase the clock

When I was ready to get another Border Collie, I had seen a few in the area that really stood out. I didn't know Nancy Little very well at that time, but I sure knew her dogs Reason, and a young Score. I loved watching them run and thought some day I would love a dog like that. I also had the pleasure of seeing Strike, Donna Rae Sonneks dog grow up and become a beautiful driven dog. So I asked Donna to introduce me to Jan, and her Hob Nob border Collies. I was so happy at that time, since there were 2 litters on the ground with 2 females in one of the litters. This was Steeples first litter, the dam was Trestle.

There was this little Split face girl I kept eyeing- thinking, "Wow, I really like that one. But someone else will probably get her. How do I even know if she's right for me?". So I kept looking at the pics that Jan put up wondering and hoping if one would be mine. But I always....went back to the little split face, still thinking "Nah, I probably won't get her". so I would check out all the other ones. When Jan made her choices, and the running pictures came over e-mail, I remember opening it up, and there she was!!!! My little Split face girl!

How did Jan know!? Now I'm not saying I'm hooked on looks or colors or anything, but just that I could tell the first time I saw her, it was meant to be.

As a puppy she was a cutie pie with spunk, and loving each new daring adventure. She grew up into a beautiful (but still a cutie pie) talented athlete.

I tell people, "Oh....don't let her cuteness fool you".

She flows and glides through the course with style and grace. But also digs in and shows her grit and gusto.  Put it this way, the dirt WILL fly.  When we are up to the line, the last thing I tell her is, "You know what Sport? Lets just go and have fun. We'll just have fun." And then I walk off the line with a big smile on my face.

When we are at home, we take long walks and play frisbee at the park. But even though we go all day, we REST pretty good too. Our motto is, 'We play hard, and we rest hard too'!   Sporty makes a pretty good cuddler and settles in on her pillows on the couch. When the day is done I'm so happy as I feel so lucky to have a dog like Sport. 

Thank you Jan for trusting me with one of your wonderful Hob Nob Border Collies!


Joni Steinbach, MN

Sport is spayed