Hob Nob tower of power

Once again Jan has not let me down as I acquired my third Hob Nob border collie from her.  I have always liked what the Static Scheme lines have produced.  Having Frisco from Static & Scorch then Summit also from Static & Scheme, I knew I wanted to continue with  a dog related to these lines.  I have watched Ticket and Sybil grow up and compete in agility and I just love their work ethics.  When I heard that Jan was going to repeat the breeding of Harley to Scheme,  I jumped in line for one of these puppies!  I could not wait to have a Harley/Scheme puppy of my own.  Kim Terrill, NM

whether it is working sheep or dashing thru the snow powering through the weave poles, Steeple shows his versatility even during the winter!

Kim & Steeple smoke the 22" Grand Prix Finals with a winning time of 30.31!

Kim Terrill & her powerful boy Steeple set the pace for the rest of the competitors to follow.  The next best time of 30.77 was laid down by FCI World Gold medal winner Marcus Topps & Juice but even this awesome team could not catch up to the Tower of  Power!

Steeple is crowned 20” AKC National Agility Champion!

Kim & Steeple continue their winning ways by reigning supreme in the 20" division with over 260 dogs competing winning 4 out of 6 classes at the AKC National Agility Championship on 3/29/09 in Concord, NC March, 2009

Steeple enjoying snow races with his daddy Scheme.        Steeple’s dam is Harley

Steeple is OFA GOOD, CERF clear and DNA tested CEA normal  MDR1 normal