Hob Nob inside story

After much research I knew I wanted a Hob Nob Border Collie – they represent everything I desired, intelligence, athleticism, bidability, and good looks with an on/off switch.  My first Hob Nob Border Collie is “Fable”, living with and training him is such a joy that there was no doubt where my next border collie would come from.  Imagine my excitement when I found out it would be a puppy sired by my Fabulous “Fable”!  I knew I couldn’t go wrong with “Fable’s”  “Static” x “Juice” lines and with “Kindle” who has produced some wonderful puppies and now I had the opportunity to have a puppy that would bring all these lines together.  I had complete trust in Jan’s breeding and puppy decisions plus her puppy raising and matchmaking skills are unbelievable.

She selected the most perfect “Fable” x “Kindle” puppy for me – “TOPIC”!!  She even came up with the perfect registered name, Hob Nob Inside Story.

When I look in “Topic’s” eyes I feel like the luckiest girl ever.  He is very driven yet biddable whether it is in agility, herding or obedience.  Running him in agility is such an indescribable thrill!

When I look at him on the start line I am filled with joy and excitement; he is a wonderful jumper, runs fast and can turn tight.  His intensity in agility inspires me to try to be the handler he deserves.  He is everything I could ask for including being a “Fable” son and of course handsome with a mane like his sire’s.    “Topic” is very social, greeting those he knows with a squealing leaping dance.  The sound of laughter makes him want to cover you with kisses something he has done since he was a young puppy.  His litter name was McDreamy and he certainly has become that for me.  He makes me smile and laugh every day with his silly antics and sweet face.  There are so many things I know that “Topic” and I can accomplish but he is already my dream dog.  Thank you Jan for my Terrific Topic!

Topic is loved and trained by Yvonne Anderson and co-owned with Janice DeMello


Topic’s sire is Fable & dam is Kindle

Topic is a littermate to Singe

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