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 Best... training with Janice DeMello

who has been training & showing dogs since 1973.  Her  success with her own dogs is nothing short of phenomenal!  She accomplished amazing achievements with two Irish Setters that earned their Obedience Trial Championship (OTCH), each with a perfect score of 200 in Utility, and her four Border Collies that completed their OTCH titles with a combined total of 19 perfect scores of ‘200’! 


Janice’s ability to read dogs and get inside their heads is could go so far as to say that she is a ‘dog whisperer’ and communicates with them at their level.

     Hob Nob Optimistic


......that first border collie was a handsome chocolate and white male puppy she then named Widget & registered his official name as Hob Nob Optimistic in honor of the Hackney pony farm that offered her so much in her formative years. 

     Pictured above is Janice winning the Championship Hackney Pony Harness class in New England with one of        the Hob Nob ponies that she trained.

The prefix ‘Hob Nob’ came from a small hackney pony farm owned by Mr. Rodenbush in Somerset, MA not far from where she grew up.  Janice spent her childhood years learning the art of training these high stepping show ponies and served as head trainer at Hob Nob stables throughout her high school years.

Along with her love of the Hackney ponies, Janice always was seen with a neighbor’s dog at her side.  Growing up in a family of 8 children, her father wouldn’t let her have a dog of her own.  A few years after graduating from high school and living on her own, Janice acquired her first border collie from Edgar Gould at Cooperlane Farm in Shelburne, MA...... 

Janice & Static winning High in Trial herding honors at the first BCSA national!

From 1985 through 2005, Janice traveled the country, competing very successfully in obedience competitions with her talented border collies as well as conducting obedience seminars in the USA and Canada, helping others to achieve their own successes

Janice’s next venture was to breed her own line of Hob Nob Border Collies. Her foundation black & white bitch Static and red & white stud dog Juice were again from Cooperlane Farm.

These two border collies, while never bred to each other, are found in the pedigrees of many winning Hob No