Hob Nob optimistic

Widget, my first Border Collie...

my best teacher...

you taught me so much with your infinite wisdom!


It is unimaginable to me, so many years ago, how you eagerly learned all of the utility exercises by the tender age of 5 months old !!!  It was only a small sampling of what lay ahead as we journeyed together in our obedience adventures.  Your eagerness to learn and be a team player was ever so refreshing!  You bestowed on me the ability to truly 'read' your language which easily came forth thru those mesmerizing eyes! 


As I reflect back on that bitter cold winter day high in the Berkshire Mountains of Massachusetts at Cooperlane farm, my heart races as I am taken back to a time so long ago when we were both young in spirit and body running up the green grassy hills!

You took me on a journey that rivaled all others!

With your desire to be a team player so young, we ventured into the Novice B obedience ring at 9 months of age earning a perfect score of ‘200’ for our 3rd leg!

Widget, you penetrated a special place in my heart and in my soul...not because you earned 2 perfect scores of '200', not because you won 2 Super Dog titles, but because you were my greatest teacher in learning your unique ways!"

My heart lay heavy the day I said goodbye.  You were so much stronger than I as we made our final ride together on this body of earth.  You knew...you knew...yet your beautiful eyes told me it was time, that it was to be that one last car ride, that one last trip, that one last throw of the stick, that one last hug.  Oh, how I wanted to hang onto you and say we would be together forever! 

For close to 16 years, you gave me a gift never to be forgotten or taken for granted...that gift was of giving so much of yourself and asking nothing in return.

In my sleep, I often feel your presence...for you see, you are forever in my heart!  Someday, we will dance side by side on the other side of the Rainbow Bridge for I have so much to show you what I have learned!.... 

Widge...how I love and still miss you!  Jan