Denim presented Hob Nob farm with 8 gorgeous puppies born on November 18, 2010

These beautiful puppies were sired by Prada

Click here to see video of the puppies being born

Denim’s Haiku...Fall Life 
4 gorgeous boys & 4 beautiful girls!

‘Timber’ 1st born @ 1:44 am red merle (tri?) male  BW 10.5 oz          ‘Chite’ 2nd born @ 2:25am blue merle male BW 11 oz

‘Den Den’ 3rd born @ 2:41am blue merle female BW 12.5 oz       ‘Java’ 4th born @ 2:56am dark red/white female BW 9.5 oz

‘Teal’ 5th born @ 3:04am blue merle male BW 8.5 oz               ‘Blush’ 6th born @ 3:29am blue merle (tri?) female BW 7.5 oz

‘Prodigy’ 7th born @ 5:35am black/white male BW 11.5 oz          ‘Saffron’ 8th born @ 5:46am red/white female BW 9.5 oz

For more puppy pictures, please visit their photo album

short video of the first few pups being born using the helmet cam

Click above picture for live puppy cam!