Posh & Bezel puppies born on May 27, 2010

This special litter has been dubbed ‘The Triple Crown’ for it is the third pairing of this beautiful and talented couple of Posh & Bezel.  The first litter produced my awesome boy Prada while the 2nd litter produced my beautiful girl Prism

The Poshki pups, all will astound,

They’ll race and jump and weave and bound.

Much work they need, good food, good play,

And at the end of every day

The Triple Crown – we could not wait!

The pups are at the starting gate!

And Hob Nob Land is all astir

With Black and White and Tawny fur:>)

Your eyes will meet, your heart melts more,

This pup is who you’ve waited for!

‘Secretariat’ tri male BW 14 oz

‘Jockey’ tri male BW 13.5 oz

‘Fleet’ blk/wht male BW 14 oz

‘Silks’  tri female BW 13.5 oz

‘Derby’ tri female  BW 15.5 oz

‘Preakness  blk/wht female BW 13.5 oz

‘Tiara’ blk/wht female BW 12 oz

‘Belmont’ blk/wht female BW 15.5 oz

For more pictures click on photo album

Poem by Toni Cramer