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These two pictures  were sent to me by Diane when I first inquired about him.

I had been searching for a black and white male (non white factored) from working lines that was ABCA registered that I could bring back to Prism and a few other of my girls

When I first saw ‘Fynn’s’ picture my heart raced!

From the moment Lurk arrived it has been non stop fun!   I absolutely LOVE this boy! 

I thought about what to name ‘Fynn’ & it didn’t take long for me to come up with

Hob Nob Lurk

Lurk’s first exposure to my sheep showed only a hint of what was to come!

Generic cialis canada pharmacy to see his puppy herding video  Click to see his progress

His subsequent exposure to sheep showed Lurk possessed style & presence!

Lurk is a very powerful and beautiful jumper!

I am so thrilled to have Lurk here at Hob Nob farm to cuddle and work with on my sheep! 

I am extremely excited to add him to my breeding program as i feel he has a lot to offer to my girls.