Hob Nob set in motion inspiration beyond her youth

She was born into my hands with a force that had such undeniable impact...much like her grandmother Chisel!  She lit up a room with her presence!  As I sit here, it is automatic to swivel around and look at her empty crate yet I can see her there still peering back at me with her eagerness to get the day going!

Motion didn't have to achieve titles, blue ribbons or any such accolades as she had already won my heart the moment I held her.  As I looked forward to our lives together, anticipating the joys of seeing her skills on sheep and her athleticism in agility, I realize that she was to teach me instead.  She was the master conductor and I her student. 

She raised me up to more then I could be...

Hob Nob Set In Motion...set in my heart forever she will be

As you romped for hours in the snow laden field, burrowing thru the high grass mounds, you discovered many things.

Within moments of ending your playtime, I noticed something wrong...something very wrong.

As I rushed you to the vets, I knew...I just knew this was goodbye

As I called your name, you tried desparately to respond in true Motion -Comotion...but your body was failing you

A day not soon forgotten...

As they pumped your stomach the contents gave us the answer ~ MUSHROOMS...but not the magic kind gave me a zest for life I thought I had lost

7 week old Motion on left with grandmother Chisel at 8 weeks of age on right

pictured left is Motion's sire Bezel and on right is Motion's dam Edge