Hob Nob perfect schemer

I couldn't have named him any more perfectly…Hob Nob Perfect Schemer!  He is Trace's son, and came into my life at a perfect time.  Luckily, Jan could see that he was a perfect fit, before I did.  As a small puppy, every time I went to play with the litter, Schemer was always fast asleep.  Now, I know he was just showing me his "off switch."   

   It's hard to describe how much joy Schemer brings into my life.  I can't remember feeling this way about a dog that is so young.  I look at him, and see his beauty and heart. 

 I'm excited about our future together as I feel such a strong connection to this wonderful dog.  

I love applying all I've learned about agility foundation training to Schemer.  He responds to our training sessions with love, brilliance, and such a desire to please.

    Thanks to Jef Blake for letting Jan and I breed Trace to his wonderful boy Klepto!

To Jan, thank you so very much for choosing Hob Nob Perfect Schemer to be my friend.  

Carol Schiefer, CA

Click here  then click here to see videos of Schemer’s first year

Click here to see video of Schemer earning his NA & NAJ

Carol Schiefer enjoying a training session with her awesome boy Schemer while he was here at Hob Nob farm as Denim and Feisty were bred to him.  Carol and I are both very excited to see the first batch of Schemer puppies!

Schemer is OFA hips prelim GOOD

DNA CEA/TNS tested normal

BAER tested normal

MDR1 normal