Swirl delivered 4 beautiful puppies on Monday, May 10, 2010. 

These puppies are sired by Prada

It’s mostly their importance as a Celtic charm that has carried forward in modern days to make four-leaf clovers a sign of luck.

This Four-Leaf Clover litter is bound for great futures!





#1 female tri blue merle Faith

born at 6:46 am BW 6 oz

#2 female black /white Hope

born at 7:21 am BW 10.5 oz

#3 female black/white Love

born at 7:26 am BW 9 oz

#4 male black/white/tan Luck

born at 8:14 am BW 10.5 oz

Click on the screen below to watch the puppies live on the web cam!

For more pictures click on photo album